Past Shows

9-29-07: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Planet Mollie, w/ Sah (MI), Carol Bui (DC), Demiourgos (PA) (Last Red Devil show.)
8-12-07: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ LAVA Space, w/ Disaster Strikes (MA) (First show with Doc returning to drums.)
7-31-07: PITTSBURGH, PA @ Belvedere's, w/ Grackles, Smells Like Gina, Desiree (NC) (Last show with Cappy on drums. Also with Gina Favano on guest co-lead vocals on two songs.)
7-30-07: COLUMBUS, OH @ Legion Of Doom, w/ Bruce Wayne (OH), Biff Boff Barf (OH), Heartless Romantics (OH).
7-28-07: MINNEAPOLIS, MI @ the Cube, w/ Flags Will Cover The Coffins (WI), Choose Your Poison (WI), Complete Waste (MN).
7-27-07: MILWAUKEE, WI @ the Vault, w/ Abaddon (WI), China Pig (WI).
7-26-07: MARQUETTE, MI @ Northstar Academy, w/ Hell Town Trio (MI), Duct Ape (MI), Antarchtica (MI), one more.
7-25-07: LANSING, MI @ Mac's Bar, w/ Funender (MI), Ossm (KY), the Seventh Gate (DC).
7-24-07: ANN ARBOR, MI @ Raw Haus, w/ Gruk (CA), Minus 9 (MI), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MI).
7-22-07: DETROIT, MI @ the Trumbullplex, w/ Sah (MI), the Pussy Pirates (MI).
7-21-07: NEW YORK, NY @ ABC No Rio, w/ Coliseum (KY), Engineer (NY), Tombs (NY), Divider (NY).
7-20-07: NEW YORK, NY @ the Fort, w/ Libba (NY), Stupid Party (NY), Micah (CA) (First show with Cappy on drums.)
7-14-07: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Cedar Park, w/ Mischief Brew, Demiorgous, Hatchetface, Ukebox, Farcial Hoodwink, Acid Drop, the Claw (Last show for a while with Doc on drums.)
7-6-07: ASHEVILLE, NC @ Joli Rouge, w/ Electric Damn (NC), Kimosabe (NC), the Chops (NC).
7-4-07: GAINESVILLE, FL @ Wayward Council, Gainesville Liberation Orchestra (FL), Fairport Riflemen (FL).
7-3-07: PENSACOLA, FL @ Sluggo's, w/ Sober Daze (TX), the Nogzzz (CA).
7-2-07: CHATTANOOGA, TN @ Turtlehead House, w/ Heccubus (TN), False Sense Of Hope (TN).
7-1-07: RICHMOND, VA @ Alley Katz, w/ Cojoba (PR), Conde Nada (IL), Just Another Consumer (TX), Red Thread (MA), Menstrual Tramps (MN), Two Funerals (VA).
6-9-07: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Fake Haus, w/ Northern Liberties, Alien Red.
4-13-07: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ LAVA Space, w/ Serpents Of Wisdom, International Anthems for Irrational Numbers, Lesser Known Neutrinos.
2-16-07: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ LAVA Space, w/ No Sanctuary, Lesser Known Neutrinos.
1-26-07: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ LAVA Space, w/ International Anthems for Irrational Numbers, George Korien and the Accidental Occurance, Circles, Sharashka, Shout Magic, Superdog.
12-9-06: NEW YORK, NY @ ABC No Rio, w/ Dead Dog (NY), Something's Wrong (NC), Trouble Trouble Trouble (NC).
12-8-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Veggieplex, w/ Gunna Vahm, Hulk Smash, My Friend Rudra (MI).
9-17-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Be Happy House, w/ Black Tusk (GA), Lost Cause, Snowstorm.
8-18-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ LAVA Space, w/ The Green Chair, Chamomile, The Seven Twins, Cordalene, King Kong Ding Dong.
8-3-06: ASHEVILLE, NC @ Joli Rouge, w/ Fanger (NC), Subramaneum (NC).
8-2-06: ATHENS, GA @ 668 Pulaski, w/ O Pioneers! (TX), Blessed Yes (LA), Judy Garland Death Squad (AL).
8-1-06: CHATTANOOGA, TN @ Anarchtica, w/ el Sur Ascenda del Nuevo (TN), Nester Manko (AL), three acoustic acts.
7-31-06: GAINESVILLE, FL @ Wayward Council, w/ Tuffy, Chinese Horses (FL), Civilization (FL).
7-30-06: PENSACOLA, FL @ Sluggo's, w/ Taiga (WA), Solomon Grundy (FL).
7-29-06: NEW ORLEANS, LA @ the Dragon's Den, w/ the Microshards (LA).
7-27-06: AUSTIN, TX @ Room 710, w/ La Mancha (TX), the Transgressors (TX).
7-26-06: FT WORTH, TX @ 1919 Hemphill, w/ Static Radio (NJ), Master Gaiden (TX).
7-24-06: ST LOUIS, MO @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, w/ O Pioneers! (TX), Glowworm (MO).
7-23-06: MADISON, WI @ the High-Noon Saloon, w/ Rayging Whoremoan (WI), Damn Valentine (IL).
7-22-06: MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ the Gym, w/ Cognative Dissonance (MN), Stripmall Seizures (CA), Ghost Family (CA).
7-21-06: MILWAUKEE, WI @ Fratney House, w/ China Pig (WI), Wooden Robot (WI).
7-20-06: DETROIT, MI @ the Trumbullplex, w/ Sah (MI), Boxcars (MI), Panty Shanty (TN), Wild Wild Life (WI), Juicebox (WI).
7-19-06: CHICAGO, IL @ the Big Horse Lounge, w/ Booboo Bunny (TN).
7-18-06: COLUMBUS, OH @ the Stinkhouse, w/ Nuclear Dawn (OH), Panty Shanty (TN), Down In The Dumps (NY).
7-17-06: BUFFALO, NY @ 99 Custer St, w/ City Creeps (NY), Panty Shanty (TN).
7-16-06: PITTSBURGH, PA @ Rebecca House, w/ Smells Like Gina, Flotilla Way.
5-20-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ ye olde Faulty Fusebox, w/ No Sanctuary, Serpent Throne, Prelude: A Work Of Anxiety.
5-1-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ LAVA Space, w/ Defiance Ohio (IN), Mischief Brew.
4-12-06: BALTIMORE, MD @ Charm City Art Space, w/ Down With Gender (MD), Northern Liberties, Wire Orchestra (MD).
4-11-06: ASHEVILLE, NC @ the Cumberland House, w/ Stoned to Death (NC), Electric Damn (NC).
4-10-06: NASHVILLE, TN @ Dino's Bar and Grille, w/ the Tradition (TN), Nightmares (TN).
4-9-06: ASHEVILLE, NC @ el Neuvo, w/ Princess Thunderstorm (NC).
4-8-06: RICHMOND, VA @ Nanci Raygun, w/ Argento Agenda (VA), Wartorn (VA.)
3-26-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ WKDU: live on the radio!
3-25-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ ye olde Faulty Fusebox, w/ Stinking Lizaveta, John Denver's Airplane.
2-24-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Millcreek Tavern, w/ Kablammo, Grim Aria, Beast Infection.
2-11-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Stabbin' Cabin, w/ Firing Squad (DC), Towers Open Fire (NJ) and Beneath the Streets (NJ).
2-04-06: BALTIMORE, MD @ the Jerk Store, w/ the Heaviness of the Load (MD), Call the Cops (MD), four others.
1-27-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Millcreek Tavern, w/ The Wayward (VA), Allgebra of Need.
1-21-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Catbox, w/ Northern Liberties, John Denver's Airplane.
1-20-06: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Tritone, w/ Scribbler, Slumlord Philadelphia, the Great Collapse.
11-19-05: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Stabbin' Cabin, w/ Dread Fabric (NJ), Fanshen (NJ), Farcial Hoodwink, Life Sux Die.
11-18-05: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Catbox, w/ Eric Toy, Beware! the Blunted Needle, Gina Favano.
11-12-05: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Firehouse Bikes, w/ Ballast (QUE), Witch Hunt, Endless Nightmare.
11-11-05: BALTIMORE, MD @ the Barclay, w/ Ballast (QUE), Witch Hunt, Call the Cops (MD).
10-8-05: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Barbary, w/ Kill Hands, Persona Non Grata.
9-24-05: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the House with No Name, w/ Syzslak, Witch Hunt, Pull Out, BludWulf, Blasphemous, Eternity Void, Sacrificial Blood, BSOM, Demonic Mortuary, Rabid, and a bunch more.
9-3-05: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Pleasure Bungalow, w/ BSOM, Coup D' Etat, Lighten Up.
8-24-05: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ the Drive-by House, w/ Pray For Death (TX/FL/LA), Dissystema. (First show with Eleanor.)
8-20-05: ALDAN, PA @ HoboCamp, w/ Under Rage. (Last show as a three-piece w/ Doc & Jon singing.)
8-18-05: PHILADELPHIA, PA @ House With No Name, w/ A Warm Gun (MD), Plague of the Lotus (MD), Stations, Apoptosis, Lord Humungous.


Red Devil played our first show on August 18th, 2005, and our last show on September 29th, 2007. We played 67 shows total in 16 states over four tours, released a full-length CD, a CD-EP, a live-on-the-radio CD-R, and a demo CD-R. For most of this time, the band was Eleanor (vocals), Jon (guitar), Colin (bass), and Doc (drums and vocals), although we played our first two shows without Eleanor, and our last tour with Cappy on drums.