Red Devil

10/1/07 - Red Devil has broken up! Sorry to be the messenger of woe, folks. We played our last show a few nights ago with Sah from Michigan. There are still plenty of copies of both of our releases available through Valiant Death. Currently Eleanor still plays in Lesser Known Neutrinos, Colin in Serpent Throne and Dangerbird, Doc is gearing up to be a daddy and occasionally plays with Mischief Brew, and Jon is working on a documentary film. All four members will have other new musical projects soon, rest assured.

7/8/07 - Our full-length CD, "Into the Sinking Ground," is OUT! Order your copy at In other news, we're back from the first leg of our summer tour. Thanks so much to everyone who helped and/or showed up. We leave for the second leg in a few weeks, with our friend Cappy filling in on drums.

6/8/07 - More updates on July touring and June shows. You can look forward to some dates with Cappy, our fill-in tour drummer extraordinare. And the CD will be out any day now.

5/27/07 - Our debut full-length CD, "Into the Sinking Ground," is due out in early June. The label, Valiant Death, is now accepting pre-orders for the CD. Click here for more information, or to order your copy. In other news, we have tour plans for much of the month of July. Stay tuned for more info on this.

5/8/07 - We've added some new reviews. Also, there are plans of a record release show on June 16. More info on that soon.

4/21/07 - Welcome to the new webpage. Our full-length CD is due out in a little more than a month (finally.) We'll keep you posted. Also, more summer tour info will come in as soon as we organize the whole thing.

No shows planned.